Top 10 Adventure Travel Destinations in India

Top 10 adventure travel destinations in India you did not knew about

It’s important to spice up your life with a tint of adventure every now and then.  It not only keeps you on your toes, but creates memories to be cherished forever.

We bring to you a list of these adventure getaways, close to home.


You can indulge in skiing, sledging, ski bobbying and heli skiing at Gulmarg.


Jodhpur is an idyllic destination for sand dune camping, desert safari, camel camps, elephant safari, flying foxs, dirt biking and mountaineering.


Auli is known as the best skiing destination in the world. During the winters, you can have fun trekking and skiing beneath the falling snow flakes.


Clad with perfect white snow, you can enjoy sports like, ice climbing, mountaineering, trekking and lake tracks here.


Jaisalmer, is also known as the Golden City. Go nomadic amidst the Thar desert and opt for desert safaris, jeep safaris, hot air balloons, camel safaris, and paragliding.


Indulge in some exotic water sports at along the sultry beaches of Goa. You can opt for water surfing, scuba diving, water skiing, and beach parasailing amidst the raging waters.

Periyar Wildlife Century-

You can go for hiking, biking, trekking and camping at the Periyar Wildlife Century, surrounded by green Kardmm Hills.

Tajpur – 

Paragliding, rafting and rock climbing magnetizes beckons adventure seekers here at Tajpur.

Shillong –

Adventure sports like scuba diving, kayaking, trekking, mountain biking, camping and river adventure scuba diving, kayaking, trekking, mountain biking, camping and river adventure are most famous in Shillong.

Andaman – 

If you wish to dive into the coral blue waters then add Andaman Islands to your bucket list. Snorkeling, scuba diving, trekking, hiking, parasailing, windsurfing and waterskiing are a few adventure sports you can enjoy at the Andaman.

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