Solving Problems with Adventure Travel in India

Outlife Adventure Travel Pvt Ltd is a startup dealing in Adventure Travel space and is part of the Founders Institute Accelerator – Hyderabad Chapter at IIIT Campus.

Outlife Adventure Travel aims to help groups and corporate solve the problem of not finding the right and trusted option to go on a adventure travel weekend or a vacation or a team outing with colleagues in India.  This we are doing by listing over 1500 diverse adventure travel itineraries from authentic, verified and curated adventure tour operators. The Operators are curated by an inhouse team who not only checks the credentials of the operators but also goes through each itinerary.  Safety is the number one priority for us at Outlife.

Currently we are doing the MVP which will be followed by the Beta and the first full feature release over the next 4 months with over 1500 adventure travel experiences across India .

Watch this space.

Diyanat Ali

Outlife Adventure Travel Team